20 Facts about Susannah

1. My “party-trick” fact is that in a former life I was a full time ballet dancer. Went to college for it. Apprenticed and pre-professional. About 15 years over-all.

2. My first pet was a Chinchilla because my parents are weird and refused to let me get a guinea pig like every other normal child.

3. I was homeschooled, but originally went to public school. 4 years at Caldwell Academy. 8 homeschooled.

4. I’ve loved Jesus as long as I can remember and He’s the best thing about me. My faith shapes my everything.

5. I LOVE coffee but not in a hipster stingy way. It could be from a gas station even. If you bring it to me I will be so so happy.

6. I’m a big foodie. I know everyone says that but I was raised to not go to a chain restaurant if you are anywhere other than your hometown. Find the food. Find the culture.

7. My favorite place to be is a bookstore. It may take me five years to finish all the books I gather for myself but a bookstore/library surrounded by a pile of books in the floor is my ultimate happy place.

8. I love to sing. It’s a wonder I was never fully involved in musical theatre or band as a kid. I sing as much as possible and worship in church is my favorite. That’s a whole ‘nother blog post, but singing and just being in the presence of God is the best ever. I would never leave if I could.

9. I’m pretty tall. 5’9 which is taller than the average woman in the United States at least. I am so very of my short friends who always fit under chins when hugging people which is another favorite of mine. Hugs, that is. I promise I’m not Olaf from Disney’s frozen.

10. Road Trips are probably the best way to get to know me. There’s nothing better than just driving to a new destination and exploring somewhere you’ve never been. I don’t like to do it by myself, but when you add other people in the car/van that is what makes things magical.

11. I have 3 siblings, all younger, making me the oldest child. I’m very much the stereotypical “oldest child”. 100%

12. I SUCK at math. Like to the point of being held back four years in a row and still struggling.

13. I have ADHD real real bad. I always just thought I was annoying for no reason and really bad at school but as an adult I got officially diagnosed and it all clicked for me. Have grace for your ADHD friends. They’re extra, but they need love too.

14. I have a deep fascination with words. That may be why I love musicians, writers, and speakers so much. There’s something so powerful about being able to silence and impact a room with one line.

15. I’m a cancer sun with a Gemini moon, Venus, and mars. Virgo rising.

If you follow astrology at all? Lol

16. My Myers Briggs type is ENFP

17. My enneagram type is 4w3

18. I’m a modern day Lizzie Bennet to be honest. I have some attitude problems when it comes to dating and always go for the Mr. Whickhams

19. I’ve never been out of the country but I deeply love to travel and have dreams of traveling everywhere so that’s an oxymoron if I ain’t seen one.

20. I work in property management and LOVE it, but I also went to massage therapy school for a bit.

It’s fitting considering I have a deep love for creating a sense of “home” for people and the aspect of hospitality and community is literally what humans were designed and created for. I also love the healing arts and healing through art in general, so we will see what God wants to do with all that in my life.

Welp. Those are my things.

What are 20 things you could tell me and the world about yourself?

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